What We Offer

 iPhone Repair

We are India’s leading online mobile repairing center with best iphone/ipad repair services at honest price tags. The company promises top score quality repair services for all faults at which is way better & assuring than going to your local cell phone repair shops. It does not matter what sort of fault has struck your iPhone or iPad, we can still repair it easily. From repairing minor faults like signal issues to repairing serious issues like motherboard repair, we can fix them all in no time. We serve as best iPhone/repair service center in Mumbai.

 iPhone Express Service

With smartphones becoming lifeline for any individual these days, one looks for repair service provider that promises suitable & instant repairing. Keeping in mind this entire factor, we run express service for repairing iPhones. Under iPhone Repair’s express service, company will pick defective IOS mobile within 1 hour of your call, run a diagnostic in no time, repair your device & deliver your iPhone within 48Hrs.

 100% Guaranteed Repair or Refund

iPhone Repair promises world class repair services at low prices for all mobile faults by expert technicians. However, in an exceptional case if due to unavailability of required part or due to any valid reason, company fails to provide repaired smartphone then, customers will be eligible for a 100% refund.

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